Sierra madre casino vault walkthrough

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"You sure came a long way to rob this place. Guess greed is in the blood." ―Dean Domino. The Sierra Madre Casino is a legendary city in the west, said to be a pre-war treasure trove of gold. In reality, it is a hell on earth, filled with a toxic cloud, traps, and both figurative and literal ghosts of the past...

Here's a scribbled walkthrough.... and just for proof, a snap of all 37 bars laid out back at the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, which by the way is ideal player housing for the rest of the game, containing a functioning Sierra(You did win the complimentary voucher back at the casino, right?) How do I get past the hologram room in the Sierra Madre … I seem to be stuck in the Sierra Madre hologram room (the one just before entering the Vault). I've rerouted the hologram patrols, disabled the alarms... Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Sierra Madre… Introduction Sierra Madre Grand Opening! Find Collar 8: "Dog" Find Collar 12: Christine Find Collar 14: Dean Domino Fires in the Sky Strike UpRight after passing out, a cutscene will start playing showing you the history of the Sierra Madre casino. At the end of the cutscene, you will be greeted by Father... Fallout Nv Dead Money Walkthrough Part 28 Entering … "ENTERING THE SIERRA MADRE CASINO" Fallout: New Vegas Let's Play - Part 84 With Commentary Xbox 360 Gameplay SUBSCRIBE toPart 41: Cracking Open the Sierra Madre's Vault! (Fallout NV Gameplay) Let's Play the Fallout New Vegas Dead Money DLC, in 1080p HD!

Quick walkthrough Edit .... This reveals that Sinclair in fact designed the Sierra Madre Vault not to protect valuables, but a ... will end in with a slideshow cutscene, stating how the Courier was trapped in the casino vault, eventually dying inside.

Author of the Video: DanQ8000 • Download and Play • Fallout: New Vegas - Let's Play - Part 84 - [Dead Money DLC] - "Entering The Sierra Madre Casino" • Video Games Online. Sierra walkthrough

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Quick Walkthrough on how to get through the third floor and into the ... the elevator out of here until Elijah actually comes down to the Vault. How do I beat the holgram security in the vault? - Fallout: New Vegas ... Dec 21, 2010 ... How do I beat Security Holograms in the Casino? ... Where can I find the last speaker in the vault? ... need help getting out of the Vault?

Fallout NV Dead Money Walkthrough, Part 40: Down the Elevator to ...

TIL: You can steal all 37 Gold Bars in Dead Money without glitches ...